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For approximately 25 years, Allegheny Software has been meeting the needs of home health care agencies’ across the country, providing a very affordable software product. We have stood the test of time over the years and we have witnessed tremendous changes in the health care industry.

Allegheny Software understands the dynamic of “every dollar counts” and agencies’ that use our software are able to: Collect clinical data from the field, maintain a human resource component, create a variety of electronic billings, maintain accounts receivable, create and maintain your own Payroll/G. Ledger & perform day to day bill paying with our integrated accounting feature.

From the onset, Allegheny Software Publisher's, Inc. made the decision to keep all sales, support and programming "in house." In turn, this has given us the unique ability
to be more “hands on” and relevant to both our current clients and future clients in this ever-changing health care industry.

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